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The loss of a pet can be pretty traumatic for the family. I had a dog in my life ever since the 8th grade and as I head toward the ripe age of 63 I wouldn't have it any other way. Bunny, our going on 9 years old American Bulldog took ill in November of 2013 and died in January 2014. Devastating to say the least, and not just for me, the bona fide “dog person” of the house, but for my wife and kids as well. My 10 year old at the time was especially devastated and I promised her that we would get another dog. I started searching on petfinders.com by typing in American Bulldog. Numerous pages immediately appeared. As I scrolled through the pages and looked at each of the dogs available one picture literally popped out from the screen. She was a 10 month old pit bull mix named Dolly. I knew then and there that she was the dog for me. She was being offered through Fuzzybutts Rescue although she was being housed at the Yonkers Animal Shelter. I contacted Puja about her availability. Puja checked with Yonkers was told she was available, but after several days Puja called and said apparently someone else had been interested before me. I was crushed, yet hopeful. Fortunately for me, the other person's 'meet and greet' didn't work out too well. I think the story was the other person also had a cat and after 3 years with Dolly, well, she loves all people and children she meets, other dogs too– even if they are  aggressive toward her - but she's definitely not fond of cats. Like I said, fortunate for me!  Puja asked me if I wanted to meet with Dolly before I committed to the adoption, but I said “No, she's the one I want.” “Are you sure” Puja asked? “Definitely” I said. Dolly and I met for the first time on the day I picked her up from the vet, February 4, 2014. It was as if we had always known one another and she took to the rest of the family in a similar fashion. Dolly is the 7th dog I've ever had the privilege to own and I have to say (as much as I loved my other dogs and grieved over their loss), she has been the pick of the liter! I believe she was destined to be a part of our family throughout all of time. Dolly is truly a gift from God and for that I

am humbly grateful.

Thank you Puja for being a part of Dolly's adoption into our family. 

Rudy Agresta

May 31, 2017 

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This is my boy Patrick…If not for Puja and Ewa at Fuzzy Butts Rescue we would never have met. He helped meat a time when I really needed it. I guess I helped him too… we have a GREAT life together…keep up the FANTASTIC work you do.  You are the BEST!!!

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Thank you Fuzzy Butts Rescue!

Talk about an easy and stress free way to find your new best friend. I saw “Moose” (who now goes by “Rooney”) on petfinder.com and reached out to Fuzzy Butts…at which point things moved at lightning speed.

Within 24 hours I had my application submitted. A day or so later, I was able to schedule a visit with this Puja, Ewa and this five month old cutie. And once he greeted me with some kisses and showed off his sweet personality, I knew we were going to be a perfect match.

But Puja is very careful about selecting the right owner for her dogs, and I was told that a few other people were in the mix for the adorable Boxer/Pit mix (of course they were…look at him!)

Luckily, a few days later, I got the call that I had been chosen to adopt him. YES!

And a few days after that, Puja brought Rooney to my place, had all his documentation neatly organized, including his shots, tests, microchip information, etc., and was there to answer any and all questions. It couldn’t have been a more comfortable and reassuring experience…which exactly what I was looking for as someone who had never adopted a pet before.

And things couldn’t be better. Not only is he super friendly and affectionate (just like they said he was)…but he’s also VERY smart. He picks up on tricks faster than I could have imagined, loves going hiking and playing fetch, and just generally makes everyone around him smile.

I can’t stress enough how great this experience has been and its all thanks to Puja and her team at Fuzzy Butts Rescue.

Thanks so much!